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Wheel Alignment

Number 1 reason for accelerated tyre wear is incorrect alignment

Are you getting the most life out of your tyres?

How is your fuel economy? Are your tyres at the correct pressure?

Are your tyres wearing uneven?
Is your steering wheel off centre?
Have you recently hit a kerb or pot hole?
Is your car pulling to the leftor right?
Does the steering wheel vibrate?

Having the wheels on your car aligned properly can affect its performance. but in an emergency situation a wheel alignment can be the difference between life and death. so let us check your car to make sure you are getting the best from your tyres. Here are some signs that you should have your wheel alignment checked.


If your car wanders to one side when you are driving on a flat road, you may have a problem with your wheel alignment. it may simply be that the roads are cambered as most are, and the vehicle may nothing wrong with it. But on a good flat road it should drive straight. A wheel alignment problem will cause your vehicle to drift to one side

Steering wheel off centre

A good sign is when the steering wheel is central not tilted like 8 o clock & 2 o clock, if it is not horizontal you likely have a wheel alignment issue.

Steering Wheel Shake

If your steering wheel shakes (vibrates) when you are driving, it can mean that your wheels are out of balance or have worn steering components. Or the vibration may be caused by your wheels having been knocked out of alignment after hitting something. It can become dangerous so have it checked by TT Auto Services.

Uneven Tyre Wear

If your wheel alignment is not correct, often it will reflected in the wear of your tyres, as poor alignment will cause some parts of the tyre to wear far quicker than others. A good way to tell is by measuring the depth of the rubber on each side of each tyre. If the wheels are aligned properly they will all be the same, but if there is a variance discrepancy, you may have a wheel alignment or suspension issue.

Steering Loose

If your steering feels loose or wanders around the road, this can be a sign of wheel alignment issues. Your car should have positive and direct feeling to it, If you are not exactly sure have the wheel alignment looked at by TT Auto Services.

Think of the speeds you are sometimes driving at, you have to rely on having a reliable car with healthy suspension. If your steering hasn’t been feeling as responsive as you’d like, or if your tyres are starting to look worn, have car checked by TT Auto Services and get your wheel alignment checked. If the problem is the wheel alignment, once it is fixed you’ll feel like you are driving a new car.

Is it an adjustment or something worn?

TT Auto Services will inspect your car before the alignment takes place.
Most components today are lighter and smaller to increase performance but as a result we only have to hit a pot hole or bump up a kerb to move it out of spec and then we have a tyre wear issue.
The profile on today’s tyre is lower so the wheels are easier to damage.

Did you know?

Tyre manufactures use a higher pressure for the optimal wear
Car manufacturers have a lower pressure for comfort
The legal minimum depth of a tread is 1.6mm
40 million tyre’s are disposed of by tyre retailers every year
Tyres are black as a result of – the combination of stabilizing chemicals which are added and blended with the tyre polymer during the production of a tyre and it has to do with the longevity and safety of your tyres Carbon black also has the capability to resist the corrosive effects of ozone and absorb the UV rays to convert them into heat. Heat is preferable because as the tires cool down or heat up, it can expand or contract to accommodate the added stress. Where ozone will attack the molecules and chemical bonds which weaken the overall integrity of a tire, expansion and contraction are less damaging and less dangerous. The result is a safer, longer life tire. since UV light and ozone are one of the biggest factors that contribute to tire rot, protecting against them is of the utmost importance to manufacturers – right along with safety and performance. Without the additive, the tires would weather and dry rot much faster.