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Perth Exhaust Repairs & Replacement.

At TT Auto Service’s we repair all types of exhausts in Perth.

TT Auto Services repair & fit exhausts to 4WD’S and cars

We also carry out repairs or replacement systems on stationary engines and motor bikes, and remove dents from 2 stroke expansion chambers. 2 stroke repairs is a specialised area that we have been performing for 35 years

We manufacture or supply and repair hi performance systems for performance cars

The exhaust was originally put on vehicles to reduce and direct noise from the occupants, but now it has a lot of functions like direct dangerous gases away from the vehicle and reduce pollution and help fuel economy and performance.

It is very important to have no leaks. TT Auto Services can repair your exhaust leak or replace the faulty parts, the computer can only run efficiently if the exhaust is functioning correctly. Did you know your exhaust may have up to 4 oxygen sensors to calculate the fuel injection?

We have the latest Bosch engine management system to check your exhaust and oxygen sensors.
We have been servicing and repairing Perth’s cars for 25 years, let us take care of your car’s exhaust.

Why your exhaust system has failed?
Perth’s most common reason for your exhaust system to fail is common wear and tear. The exhaust is subject to extreme temperatures, 1200deg c, and corrosive gases which break down the protective aluminised coating and attack the mild steel causing exhaust leak. Kerb damage is also another reason for exhaust repairs around Perth. Moisture is for ever present as for every litre of petrol used a litre of water will be removed from the atmosphere and deposited through the exhaust. Also water is attracted up the exhaust when cooling down after use, so short trips can shorten the life.

Smoke from the exhaust?

There are many reasons why a vehicle might emit continuous smoke:
• spark plugs need replacement or cleaning
• ignition timing needs adjustment
• worn piston rings, pistons or cylinder bores
• worn valve stem guides or seals
• sump over-filled with engine oil
• blocked air cleaner
• faulty electronic or mechanical controls in parts such as the choke
• poor, contaminated or incorrect density or grade of fuel
• blocked or damaged fuel filter
• incorrectly set or damaged fuel injectors or fuel pump
• incorrectly set or damaged turbo or super charges.
Remember, this list is just a guide and might not be relevant to both diesel and petrol cars.

Your car Exhaust System will be inspected for any leaks, damage and deterioration. If need be we will replace any damaged part of the exhaust system.