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Engine tune

The engine is tune controlled by an ECU (computer) and is fed info from over 8 different sensors.

Tuning an engine is not like the old days; a scan tool is needed and we have 3 different types to cover all the range.

  • Spark plugs last 40,000 up to 150,000 depending on the type, but still need checked
  • The fuel filter needs checking and replacing more regular these days
  • All air filters are smaller and finer and needs replacing more frequently
  • The air intake has a sensor that needs cleaning to maintain the fuel economy
  • The computer has a history bank that stores all codes current and old, we check all of this when your car is in for a service and reset if necessary
  • Tappet (valve) clearance checks are becoming less but still need checking
  • We will check your engine for vacuum leaks
  • The exhaust system will be inspected for leaks