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Cooling System

Radiator repairs in Perth at TT Auto Services

We have been repairing radiators and cooling systems in Perth for 25 years.

TT Auto Services use only quality products on your cooling system repairs and can perform the following

· Pressure-test your car’s radiator and cooling system
· Pressure test your radiator cap
· Inspect your cars hoses for leaks
· Test your coolant for ph (acid content)
· check coolant levels,
· check your car’s water pump for leaks or wear
· Electric fans operation
· Check all drive belts for tension and condition
· The air conditioning system will be inspected for operating pressures, leaks, deterioration or accident damage to any hoses, seals or components.
· We can recharge the air conditioning unit with the correct refrigerant.
· Test your gauge for accuracy
· Check computer for fault codes

What are the main cooling system components?

· Radiator
· Radiator cap
· Overflow or expansion bottle
· Radiator Hoses & Clamps
· The Cooling Fan
· The Thermostat
· The Water Pump
· The Water Jackets & Welsh Plugs

What does the cooling system do?

In a modern engine, only around one third of the heat produced during combustion is converted into mechanical energy to drive the vehicle. The rest is dissipated mainly by the exhaust system and through the cooling system.

The cooling system removes around one third of this heat by circulating coolant through the engine. (Coolant is a mixture of water and a special liquid concentrate that helps to inhibit corrosion forming in the engine.) Heat is removed by the radiator which uses air to cool the coolant.

The other important function of the cooling system is to keep the engine operating at a constant temperature at which peak operating efficiency is achieved.

Most modern systems are pressurized to raise the boiling point of the coolant so EXTREME CAUTION should be exercised when carrying out maintenance, as serious scalding could result. DO NOT REMOVE THE RADIATOR CAP WHILE THE ENGINE/COOLING SYSTEM IS HOT.

How can I prevent damage from the cooling system?

· Have your cooling system checked every year and serviced every 2 years
· Perth is a hot dusty climate and many engine failures can be attributed tp neglect of the cooling system and could be easily avoided
· Check the schedule in your owner’s manual for changing the coolant and the correct type of coolant required.
· Check the coolant level every week. Your owners handbook will outline the correct method.

What does it mean if I have to continually top up the coolant level?

If you are topping up the coolant level, there is a problem. bring your vehicle to TT Auto Services as soon as possible. A simple fault may turn into a major engine repair if left unattended.
Most importantly, keep your eye on the temperature gauge. Pull over when the temperature rises above the normal indicator, not when the car stars to run rough or stalls. If this occurs, it’s usually too late and an expensive engine repair may be needed.
To be able to get engines to run at peak efficiency, engine designers need to be able to control the minimum operating temperature, this is controlled by the thermostat.
The thermostat acts like a valve restricting coolant flow when the engine is cold, allowing the engine to reach operating temperature quickly. As the temperature of the engine increases so does the coolant flow.

Let us take care of your radiator problems in and around Perth

Neglect your cooling system and you could be facing serious engine failure.