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Air Conditioning

Is your car’s air conditioning going to stand up to Perth’s heat this summer?

For your air conditioning repairs in Perth, TT Auto services is the place to bring your vehicle.

At TT Auto Services we give you the correct advice on your air conditioning repairs for your car.

TT Auto Services is located in Perth’s southern suburbs in Canning Vale, with easy access just off Roe highway.
We at TT Auto Services have invested the newest technology to service and repair your air conditioning and will have you back on the road very quickly.

Perth’s summer heat means your air conditioning will need to be working 100%.

Did you know all cars need their air conditioning serviced every 3 years?

We can turn cool cars into cold cars by simply having your air conditioning serviced or repaired this spring

The air conditioning system has a gas which is damaging to our environment, so must be worked on by licensed technician who can provide the following:

  • Inspected for operating of the air condition system
  • We can test the pressure and weight of gas in your system
  • Check for deterioration or accident damage to any hoses, seals or components.
  • Check all drive belts for tension and condition
  • Check electric fans operation
  • We can recharge the air conditioning unit with the correct refrigerant.
  • Your car’s drive belt tension is checked.
  • The air conditioning unit recharged with refrigerant.